What is intuitive counseling?

Intuitive counseling teaches you how to receive knowledge by direct perception. Your intuition is what is communicated to you through your psyche or your 6th sense. This immediate apprehension or sense of knowing is offered from within your subconscious with the mind's reasoning (thoughts) used as a facilitator to make choices and changes. Often times though, your thoughts complicate things and decisions are made from an emotional perspective rather than one that is pure and direct. Your intuition never second guesses, your intuition doesn't change it's mind. Your intuition knows, it's always known, and it's there to guide you. It is a process of understanding what you really need and want and how to go about getting it. This allows the universe (God, spirits, our higher self, etc.) to guide us and for our true intentions to come forward causing growth to occur. With that said…the client is responsible for his or her own work and growth and must, through his or her own experience, arrive at the higher awareness that enables change and the ability to transcend beyond their difficulties.

Therapy sessions can been offered individually, for couples, or in a group setting. They can take a more traditional therapeutic approach or can focus more on the outcome of an astrology or numerology report, or the insight offered by a tarot card spread. Each session is tailored to meet the specific needs of the client and is provided as guidance to help reach a deeper level of understanding through awareness and self-discovery.

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