A brief biography.

Carrie Parker Ph.D.

At a very early age, I had an inherent ability to understand and help others. I possessed a natural ability to see things from a clear and unobstructed perspective. For me, it has always felt as if progression and change were just part of life, albeit an important one. As time went on, it became clear that the only real way to move gracefully through time and space with a sense of meaning and satisfaction was to embrace and facilitate change.

As new challenges arose, my curiosity continued to grow as did my need to understand how the psyche worked. Traveling played a huge role in my development and after years of exploring, I settled on a career path heading toward formal education.  

After receiving my doctoral degree in clinical health psychology from the University of Missouri – Kansas City, I joined the Air Force as a commissioned officer.  The most interesting find when working with the military was the subject of intuition, or the so-called sixth sense, and how prevalent it was in the combat setting. Working alongside those who had been in the zone of death and danger for unheard amounts of time proved one thing: intuition is real (as long as you know how to listen). Clients described circumstances in which they knew something was going to happen and spoke of an innate feeling of warning that seemed clear and fast - and kept them from harm’s way. I learned that through chaos, clarity would manifest and a solution for self-preservation would present itself.

Since then, my practice has transformed into a flow of energy and self-awareness that offers insight and an outlet for personal growth. It’s about tapping into the feeling of your inner-self, recognizing and getting what you need and want out of life. My practice is about being intuitive and listening to part of yourself that is not ruled by the mind and it’s constant attempts to confuse things.

It is about knowing.

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Julissa VanGillig

I am an herbalist with a focus on mental health and spirituality.  I enjoy connecting people with the energetics of plants.  Roots, berries, flowers, leafs, and resins are all apart of my practice.  In 2015 I began studying herbal medicine at The Chicago Center for Psychophysical Healing.  There I received training in the foundations of herbal medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine principles, and clinical counsultation.

My work is based in folk tradition and I seek out herbs that grow locally.  In 2017 I began incorporating reiki into my practice and exploring the magical properties of herbs.  I offer sliding scale consultation and have loose herbs, tea blends, and tinctures available.



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