Celestial Events - May

A New Moon in Taurus begins this Month’s lunar cycle on the morning of May 15th. A few hours later, Uranus enters Taurus, not seeing each other since 1941.  With Taurus being a fixed earth sign, the New Moon and transiting Uranus will hold elements of change that may feel more like an upheaval than a gentle push. 

Taurus is quiet, determined, and resistant to change. Uranus is the planet of change and provides that element of surprise in your life. Together they form willpower and the potential of revolution, engagement is key and resistance is pointless. You can either dig your heals in or jump on this new path willingly, one way or another, you are transitioning. 

With this New Moon, make plans to start fresh and let go of the things that no longer serve you. Be practical, find stability and security, be more dependable and reformulate your ideals. Liberate and free yourself from the things you don’t need and the behaviors that are outdated and stifling your progression. Figure our what you truly value in your life and make space to engage with it more. Find ways to make things simpler and more focused. Manifest what your inner most psyche needs and wants by connecting to the magic of the moon. 

New Moon Blessings,


The Devil

This card often times gets a bad wrap but is really meant to challenge us on a level that tends to be a bit deep and at times even complicated. With that said, you should probably avoid getting caught up in the opinions or judgements of others. Instead, let Thursday bring stability. Seek paths that offer an opportunity to become more grounded. Use your strength and endurance to overcome any ill temptations. Channel your energy toward something that will feed your sensuality and grow your heart.