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Enter unto the Splendor – A three-part series exploring the Kabbalah.

  • Sacred Psyche 901 East 31st Street Kansas City, MO, 64109 United States (map)

Do you know who you are? Do you remember your purpose here? Do you understand our place in the universe? Do you wish for more meaning to your life?

Come and discover the wonders and mysteries of this ancient school of thought, whose roots stretch back into the origins of the Hebrew people, and has had one of the greatest influences Western mysticism.

Learn ancient and powerful techniques of self-development and personal transformation. Aspects of these workshops will include practices designed to bring one in closer communion with the divine, and to achieve a clearer understanding of how through partnership with that power, we can manifest the lives we truly desire.  

This is not a series of workshops on Judaism.  Though much Jewish mysticism and wisdom will be shared, these classes will also include aspects of the Kabballah which are influenced by Egyptian, Hellenistic and Hermetic practices.  These classes will cover a variety of wisdom teachings and spiritual techniques of personal development stretching from the days of Alexandria Egypt, through the renaissance and up into modern times.  

These classes are meant for the true spiritual seeker…the practices and ideas shared have the potential to change your life in profound ways. These are “red pill” classes.

Part 2 - Water from the Rock

Need help? Learn 72 hidden names used to activate specific kinds of blessings, and an ancient prayer that fixes everything. 

$33 per Workshop - You can pay cash on the day of the event or Buy Tickets

NOTE: You do not need to be present for each class - They are independent.